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Google Provides Massive Resources for Non Profits

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The mantra at Google is 'Do No Harm', and the mega company is following through with its philosophy by making some of their software free, or extremely cheap for non profits. They sent Fast Company an email with the benefits they are making available:

-a marketplace of Certified Google Partners (in Adwords, Apps, Analytics, Website Optimizer, Geo and more) that have offered to help nonprofits optimize Google tools at a special discounted rate or pro-bono

-up to $10,000 a month in advertising onGoogle AdWordsto reach more donors

-free or discountedGoogle Appsto cut IT costs and operate more efficiently

-premium features forYouTubeand

-Google’s mapping technologiesto raise awareness of their cause

(a few of those products are of course available to other organizations, but at a cost; products for nonprofits are free or heavily discounted)

The power Google wields should not be underestimated - the ubiquitous search engine company has access to an extraordinary amount of data in every aspect of human behavior online. What it does with that data is anyone's guess, but its amazing inventiveness and desire to actually improve people's lives is inspiring in the modern corporate era. While it is probably too big and too powerful, its capacity to enact change is almost unparalleled and given the state of the economy and environment, it could be used to do much good.