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Matt Osborne Covering the Alabama Legislature

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For anyone interested truly independent media, you should definitely follow Matt Osborne and his coverage of the Alabama legislature in its historic 2011 session. From OsborneInk:

In cooperation with Left In Alabama, Osborne Ink is covering the Alabama legislature in this historic 2011 session. It is the first time Republicans have held power in the Alabama legislature for 136 years. Can state Republicans rule as effectively as they campaigned? What changes will this mean for Alabama? Will Democrats unify and stand their ground? Will lobbyists lose or gain under a Republican government? I’ll be probing these questions and more with camera and laptop as I attend hearings, talk to experts, and interview every legislator who will talk to me.

I can't give Matt enough credit for doing things most bloggers won't - actually getting out in the field and talking with real people.