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Republicans Trying to Derail Climate Change Bill

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More shenanigans from the Republicans on climate change. From Reuters:

A bill to stop the Environmental Protection Agency's greenhouse gas rules passed a first step in the Republican-led House of Representatives on Thursday.

The House Energy and Commerce subcommittee passed the bill by voice vote that would block the EPA from regulating big carbon dioxide polluters such as oil refineries and power plants. The measure will next be sent to the full House Energy and Commerce Committee.

It faces an uphill battle as officials in the Obama administration have said the president would veto the measure.

The Republicans claim that the the EPA's regulations would 'hurt consumers' because the cost increase of meeting higher standards would be passed on to consumers. This logic could of course be applied to anything - we shouldn't have any legislation that ensures clean water as costs could be passed on to consumers, we shouldn't regulate building roads safely because tax payers would incur the costs etc.

The fact is, Republicans are not interested in protecting consumers - they are interested in protecting the interests of oil companies. If they genuinely wanted to lower costs for commuters, they would insist on investing in public transport and alternative energy sources. They haven't, so we must conclude their motives lie elsewhere.

The disregard for climate change is most offensive though, as the Republicans either refuse to acknowledge its existence, or continue to propose 'market based initiatives' (ie. nothing) to solve environmental issues.

When will we stop referring to the Republican party as the 'Republican party'? It doesn't represent the interests of the Republic, or the people of the Republic. It is a party wholly committed to representing the interests of corporations, and should therefore be named 'The Corporate Party'.