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Gaddafi Fights Back

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The civil war rages on in Libya. From the BBC:

Pro-Gaddafi forces have launched a fierce attack on Libyan rebels in Zawiya, sources in the town say.

Casualties were reported as 50 tanks and 120 pick-up trucks launched three attacks on the rebel-held town 50km (30 miles) west of the capital, Tripoli.

"I don't know how many are dead - they tore Zawiya down to ashes," a source in the town told the BBC.

Elsewhere, warplanes fired missiles on residential areas and near rebel positions in the oil port of Ras Lanuf.

Rebels say they have rejected an approach by officials offering to hold talks on an exit for the Libyan leader.

With spiralling gas prices, it is unlikely the West will sit back and take much more of this. Libya is the biggest oil exporter in Africa, and its continued instability is wreaking havoc at the pump. Obama has apparently been considering multilateral military action through NATO, and the pressure on Gaddafi to resign is mounting by the minute.

It is sad that the West is sitting up and taking note primarily due to fluctuations in the oil markets, but getting rid of Gaddafi would be no bad thing. Whether a new government in Libya would be more or less inclined to ship cheap oil to Europe and America remains to be seen, but right now, anything looks better than Gaddafi.