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Quote of the Week: Hillary Clinton Praises Al Jazeera, Slams US Media

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I never thought I'd hear a mainstream US politician utter the following words:

Viewership of Al Jazeera is going up in the United States because it’s real news. You may not agree with it, but you feel like you’re getting real news around the clock instead of a million commercials and, you know, arguments between talking heads and the kind of stuff that we do on our news which, you know, is not particularly informative to us, let alone foreigners.” – Sect. Hillary Clinton (via ABC News)

Not only did Clinton attack the American media, but she praised an Arabic news network George Bush allegedly tried to bomb back in 2004. It's probably the most honest thing Hillary Clinton has stated publicly in the past 20 years, and she should be given a lot of credit for it. There will no doubt be an enormous backlash from Rush Limbaugh and the right wing media echo chamber ('Hillary hates America, love terrorists' etc), but it may start a serious debate within the networks, all of which have descended into farcical parodies of their former selves.

During the incredible uprisings in the Middle East, the US news media has, as usual, embarassed itself on the world stage. It doesn't do serious journalism any more because the money is lavished on personalities who shout at each other and offer half baked analysis instead of real journalism. It is even sadder that a politician has had to point it out, a true indictment of its sorry state.