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Pepsico Recycling Machines

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Fast Company reports on a very interesting public private partnership recycling scheme with Pepsico and the local Washington DC government where the Pepsi will bring 363 of Pepsi's "Dream Machine" recycling bins to downtown Washington, D.C:

Here's how the kiosks work: patrons insert bottles and cans into a chute, wait for the machine to calculate how many points the trash is worth, and grab a receipt that can be redeemed at for rewards. In addition to discounts and coupons, the receipts also can score users Pepsi products and free admission to concerts, among other things. Registered Greenopolis members get access to a rewards catalog.

Encouraging people to simultaneously recycle and consume more might seem slightly pointless, but it's an interesting concept and one that incentivizes good behavior with an immediate reward. If it could somehow be reworked to reward less consumption, they might be on to something.

One step at a time though.