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Deus Ex Malcontent Joins Banter Media

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I'm not too hot on self promotion, and I have deliberately avoided publishing too much about the network I founded, Banter Media Group. I've done this largely to keep us out of the media so we can focus on building a great independent network of progressive bloggers. We've had some fantastic sites join the group; Bob Cesca, Oliver Willis, Susie Madrak, Matt Osborne, and Taylor Marsh to name a few, and I couldn't be happier about where, and who we are.

Yesterday, a blogger I greatly respect and have tried for over a year to join the network, Chez Pazienza of the absolutely brilliant 'Deus Ex Malcontent', finally joined up. Chez wrote a very flattering piece about the network on his site about why he finally joined the community (it's hilarious too, and worth reading in full). It's actually the first bit of press the network has had, and I thought it might be worth sharing with The Daily Banter readers. Here's what Chez had to say about us:

I've always prided myself on putting content first and never cluttering it up with unnecessary ads, banners and other assorted crap -- and Lord knows I never had to worry about anyone wanting to come in from the outside and be a part of the daily onslaught of phony erudition, unapologetic misanthropy and generally boorish behavior you get around here. I mean, really, who would be crazy enough to want to be professionally associated with this nonsense?

As it turns out, one guy.

For the past year or so, Ben Cohen, who runs the excellent site The Daily Banter out of his palatial estate in Los Angeles, has been quietly putting together a stable of bloggers, writers, journalists and troublemakers under one banner: The Banter Media Network. Among this elite group of crime-fighters are some of my favorite people online, including Bob Cesca, Matt Osborne and Oliver Willis, but if you believe Ben -- and he's obviously nuts, so take this for what it's worth -- I've been the get he's really wanted to get. The girl who just wouldn't give it up, despite his entreaties that if I loved him, I'd do it. The reason I wasn't willing to join has been elaborated on a couple of times here, in posts unrelated to what was going on behind the scenes: Given that everything in my life had been pulled out from under me and very little looked familiar following my split with Jayne and my subsequent move south, this site became a kind of permanent address for me when I felt like I had none. In other words, as I've said before quite a few times, Deus Ex Malcontent seemed like my home -- and I wasn't willing to bring change into that home when everything around it was so fluid.

Well, maybe I'm finally getting my footing, or maybe Ben just caught me at the right time a couple of weeks ago, because I've made the decision to join the Banter Network. I could blow sunshine up everyone's ass and talk about how it's a huge honor to be associated with such a terrific organization, one dedicated to fostering truly independent political and cultural voices, and of course how I'm not a "sell-out," but then I'd just sound like Arianna, minus the $315 million payday. The fact is, though, that I think this site really is ready to grow up just a little, and aligning myself with Banter has the potential to bring even more readers here, as well as, yes, a little steady revenue.

Bringing more readers and some steady revenue to independent publishers is the entire point of Banter Media, and I hope we continue to grow and add fantastic voices like Chez in the coming months.