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Celebrity Eco Credentials

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A hilarious report on NPR highlights the celebrity obsession with eco cars, most recently at the Oscars where many stars rented hybrid limos from the company 'Econation':

Econation does business in big cities all over the world, but its biggest success has come in the image-obsessed world of entertainment.

The company has contracts with most of the major Hollywood studios and will be taking dozens of stars to the Oscars.

"When you watch the telecast, you'll see some very big stars rolling up in these vehicles," says Econation co-founder Ben Bloch.

"We've had a lot of celebrities say 'You know what? I've been rolling around in such a big SUV that's not green and feeling bad about it for a while just because I see all these other people doing this. And I don't necessarily know enough about it yet but I want to start by doing something.' "

While eco consciousness is definitely a good thing, cold numbers are everything when it comes to actually benefiting the environment, and 20mpg (which sounds like a stretch) isn't exactly carbon neutral.

It is easy to criticize celebrities for being superficially environmental, after all we all fall prey to clever advertising and shallow tokenism, but there is something slightly ridiculous about mega stars flying in from all around the world and renting luxury hybrid limos in an attempt to look eco chic.