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Quote of the Day: Matt Taibbi on Thomas Friedman (Again)

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Tom Friedman wrote the following gem in typically nonsensical, massively over generalizing article in the NYTimes on Egypt:

As I kept walking to my hotel, I realized why. When I looked down at the Nile embankment — and this was central Cairo — all I saw was garbage strewn about, a crumbling sidewalk and weeds sprouting everywhere. I thought: If this were Sydney, Singapore or Istanbul, the government would have built a beautiful walkway along the banks of the Nile where Egyptians and visitors could stroll with families in the afternoon. Not here.

Although Taibbi has desperately tried to restrain himself from skewering Friedman (a hobby he has practiced for many years), the above lunacy was too much:

The thing is, if this were Sydney, Singapore or Istanbul, you probably wouldn’t be building a walkway along the Nile for Egyptians to stroll along. There’s just never going to be another Friedman.