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Libya on the Brink of All Out War

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Vicious fighting continues in Libya as rebels hold on to key cities, repelling pro Gaddafi forces. A new crisis is also emerging on the Libyan - Tunisian border as foreign workers attempt to flee the country. From the Guardian:

The UN high commission for refugees said 140,000 people have now fled Libya – half of them crossing into Egypt and half into Tunisia.

Most refugees are Egyptians who had been working there. On the Egyptian border they have dispersed to their home towns and villages. On the Tunisian side, local authorities' efforts to deal with them are being overwhelmed as between 1,000 and 2,000 people cross every hour, according to aid workers there.

The international community has condemned Gaddafi (who judging by the video above is not completely sane), and he is clearly losing the PR battle with his own people. But his grip on the country is still powerful enough to ensure a prolonged conflict that is in danger of getting out of hand very, very quickly.