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Doctors Taking A Stand Versus Treating Unvaccinated Children

The problem of non-vaccination is reaching a crisis point, and doctors are reacting to this by turning away patients who aren't vaccinated:

"If an adult caregiver or parent decides not to vaccinate their children, we feel that they're taking an unnecessary risk, so we wanted to take a strong stand and say this is so important to us that it's a deal breaker for us," Dr. Dyer says matter-of-factly.

Dyer published his vaccine manifesto in the journal 'Pediatrics'.  He says, "I think more physicians need to be more aggressive about vaccinating kids.  If you're not willing to vaccinate your kids, if you're not willing to trust us and trust our judgment and education then we have a philosophical difference here."

I don't think public schools should admit any child who hasn't been vaccinated (with exceptions for kids who may have some sort of provable allergy or related sickness that prevents vaccination), but this is another area of defense.

Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children are endangering our society via their actions.