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Andrew Sullivan Leaving the Atlantic

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A seismic shift in the blogosphere - Andrew Sullivan is leaving the Atlantic and moving to The Daily Beast. Key points from his blog:

The Dish is moving! In April, we'll be joining The Daily Beast.....

There are some opportunities you just can't let pass by. The chance to be part of a whole new experiment in online and print journalism, in the Daily Beast and Newsweek adventure, is just too fascinating and exciting a challenge to pass up. And to work with media legends, Barry Diller and Tina Brown, and with the extraordinary businessmen Sidney Harman and Stephen Colvin, is the opportunity of a lifetime.....

We remain committed to the same principles from the very beginning: in no-one's ideological grip, in search of the truth through data and open, honest debate, in love with the new media's variety and immediacy, committed to accountability and empiricism and resistant to any single category of subject or form.

I'm pleased for Andrew - he's probably the hardest working blogger in the game and deserves to be rewarded for his efforts. He's a one man newpaper and a real asset to any news media outlet. Regardless of who owns the Beast, I don't think for one second that Sullivan will alter his views or change his copy.

There are obviously wider issues here with the consolidation of major talent inside more corporate style entities, but the fact that blogging is now seen as a real occupation with tangible value to media organizations can only be a good thing.