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"Libya is burning, and the fire has spread"

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I currently have a friend from the UK staying with me who is of Libyan descent - he's absolutley terrified by the violence spreading in Libya, and has been scouring the web for updates. He has family in Libya, and it looks like they are thankfully some distance from the massive political unrest. But the constant flow of updates from the various media outlets are doing little to calm his nerves.

The 6 O'Clock news on the BBC ran the following headline:

"Libya is burning, and the fire has spread"

Not exactly what you want to hear when those closest to you live in Libya.

It appears that Gadhafi may have fled the country to Venezuala, and his support from the military is crumbling by the minute. The horrific violence he unleashed on his fellow countrymen in response to protests has created an enormous backlash, one that the dictator used to having his own way cannot control. The uprising is of course, a culmination of decades of abuse and corruption, but the spectacular revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt have given Arab citizens around the world a new sense of identity and entitlement. They no longer believe that they must live in fear of violence and intimidation, and the people of Libya are exercising this new confidence in full force.