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Debbie Schlussel Blames Lara Logan for Being Sexually Assaulted, Calls all Egyptians 'Animals'

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Rabid Islamaphobe Debbie Schlussel has written perhaps the most offensive article I've seen since Paul Shirley blamed Haitians for their earthquake last year.

Writes Schlussel on the horrific sexual assault on CBS reporter Lara Logan in Egypt:

It warms my heart when reporters who openly deny that Islam is violent and constantly promote it get the same kinds of threats of violence I get every day from Muslims. Because now they know how it feels. They aren’t so dismissive of the threats when those threats are directed at them, instead of at us little people. And yet they still won’t admit that THIS. IS. ISLAM. Lara Logan was among the chief cheerleaders of this “revolution” by animals. Now she knows what Islamic revolution is really all about.

Instead of examining the madness of her article, let's look at the positives. Apart from being monstrously offensive to women, sexual assault victims, Egyptians and Muslims, it does offer us insight into the inner workings of a racist moron's brain. And for that, we should be eternally grateful.

Schlussel makes a career flaunting her immense stupidity and hatred, and somewhere down the line, her 'work' will be used by historians as an example of extremism in deeply troubled economic times.

People like Schlussel thrive off fear, prejudice and stupidity, and in calmer times, no one would bother listening to her offensive diatribes. For now, Schlussel and her compadres occupy an annoyingly prominent space in the American media, but we must remind ourselves that she is merely an exhibit in the narrative of American cultural history. Rest assured, she will not be remembered well.