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Atlas Shrugged Movie Trailer: What Happens When Conservatives Make Movies

If you want to know why Hollywood is dominated by liberals look no further than this trailer. It's not some secret cabal or whatnot, it's just that liberals tend to be better at it.

Seriously, conservatives, stick to running giant corporations, being xenophobes, pushing pseudoscience and being blowhards. Leave the filmmaking to the hippies.

The other problem is that cons insist on shoving their politics up front on projects like this. Sure, there are some liberal filmmakers who do it too, but the vast majority know that story and craft come way before the politics (if there's any politics in it at all). That's why even someone like Michael Moore, whose politics are no secret, would be a pretty good filmmaker anyway - despite the message he tries to sell. On the other hand from the right we get movies that nobody watches with Chris Farley's lesser known, less talented brother palling around with Kelsey Grammer and Bill O'Reilly.

Also: I thought all these people went Galt 2 years ago. How are they making movies still?