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Tariq Ali: Age of Political Reason Returning to Arab World

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The brilliant dissident Tariq Ali comments on the momentous changes in the Arab world:

And so it ended badly for Mubarak and his old henchman. Having unleashed security thugs only a fortnight ago, Vice-President Suleiman's failure to dislodge the demonstrators from the square was one more nail in the coffin. The rising tide of the Egyptian masses with workers coming out on strike , judges demonstrating on the streets, and the threat of even larger crowds next week, made it impossible for Washington to hang on to Mubarak and his cronies. The man Hillary Clinton had referred to as a loyal friend, indeed "family", was dumped. The US decided to cut its losses and authorised the military intervention.....

The age of political reason is returning to the Arab world. The people are fed up of being colonised and bullied. Meanwhile, the political temperature is rising in Jordan, Algeria and Yemen.

We don't yet know what the new government in Egypt will look like, but given the boldness of the protests and the deep desire for meaningful change, it would be wise to bet on a far more independent minded leadership. This could mean serious changes in US foreign policy as it may have to deal with a far less American/Israeli friendly government - a trend it must be prepared for as the Arab world continues to change.