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Mitt Romney Flip Flops In His Own Book

Mitt Romney is like a chameleon. He changes his rhetoric and ideology depending on what can win him the most votes at the minute. That's what flipped him from being a pro-choice governor to an anti-choice presidential candidate, or from being anti-Reagan when he ran against Ted Kennedy to advertising himself as a Reagan Republican when he needed conservative votes. The man has no core.

The first rewrite excises a relatively even-handed assessment of the 2009 economic-stimulus package. In the original, Romney wrote that it "will accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery, but not as much as it could have." The paperback pronounces the stimulus "a failure," and blasts Obama's "economic missteps" with conservative red-meat language — for example: "This is the first time government has declared war on free enterprise."

The other major change comes in a chapter on health care. In the original hardcover, Romney tried to carefully distinguish between the Massachusetts law and the national version that was nearing passage as he wrote.

But the Massachusetts model has become Romney's bête noire among conservatives, who loathe the national reform they call "Obamacare." The rewritten paperback swings much harder, proclaiming that "Obamacare will not work and should be repealed," and "Obamacare is an unconstitutional federal incursion into the rights of states."