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Poll Shows Republicans Are Apparently Delusional

The topline story everyone is taking away from this CNN poll of Republicans is that a majority of respondents favor a candidate that "can beat Barack Obama" over one who "agrees with you on issues." This is supposed to tell us that GOP voters will be pragmatic.

But if you look at the same poll, the top three candidates are Huckabee. Palin and Romney (21%, 19%, 18%). Anybody who responds to a poll and says that they want a candidate who can beat Obama, then votes for Palin as their preferred candidate is clearly delusional - and just a bit less so for Romney/Huckabee.

Sarah Palin can't win a presidential election. If she is the GOP nominee, Obama will in all likelihood recreate something at the level of Reagan's victory in 1984, if not Johnson's landslide in 1964. If Republicans think Palin is a viable candidate who can beat Obama, things are looking quite good.