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Glenn Reynolds Attacks NAACP, Continues Beclowning Himself

I've pointed out numerous times just how pathetic, dishonest, and thin skinned Glenn Reynolds (aka Instapundit) is. But he must be feeling his irrelevancy increase, because now he's decided to join his fellow conservatives in stupid race talk. In this instance, Reynolds whines about the NAACP not directly responding to the idiotic Daily Caller's attempt to have them condemn a liberal protestor by describing the NAACP as "A bunch of pathetic house negroes living on the Democratic Party’s plantation."

The sin the NAACP has committed, in the eyes of Reynolds, is not kowtowing to right-wing caterwauling. For this, Reynolds attacks an organization that has done more to combat racism and fight for civil rights in a single day than Reynolds will ever accomplish in his pathetic, smearing existence.

This is what they do, this is who they are.