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Dan Snyder Has Butthurt From Citypaper Takedown, Threatens Lawsuit

A few months ago, the DC City Paper absolutely shredded Redskins owner Dan Snyder for the epic failure of leadership he's had since owning the team. What is the Danny's response? Improvements to his organization? A sense of humility? Of course not.

The man who decided to spend $100 million on Albert Haynesworth rather than a bucket of lard from Safeway is making noise about suing the paper.

In a letter sent to City Paper's owners after the article's publication, Redskins chief operating officer David Donovan alleged that Snyder had been defamed by the publication and that legal action was an option. To date, however, no lawsuit has been filed.

As any Redskins fan can tell you, nobody around here found much fault - if any - with what the City Paper wrote. I've gone from someone willing to give Snyder a chance to someone who sees him as an impediment to the Redskins' success. That he's a whiny little Lord Fauntleroy is just garnish on the top of his crap sandwich.