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Pure, Pure Madness From Glenn Beck on Egypt

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I sat through the entire clip and was literally left breathless at this man's ability to spew meaningless gibberish. Glenn Beck's take on the revolution in Egypt and the complex political landscape in the Middle East is not only a mind twisting exercise in idiocy, but an extraordinary testament to the dire state of the American news media. The fact that this lunatic man has a prime time show on a major news network is frankly very, very scary. As Oliver Willis writes:

No, seriously. This is one of the leading voices in the media for the right. This isn’t some guy on the corner ranting and raving madly, but in fact a person with a tv show that has hosted numerous conservative authors, think tanks, and yes – members of the House and Senate. This is one of their major minds.

And he is a complete idiot.

I defy you to watch the whole clip and not seriously contemplate cancelling your cable bill and/or moving to Costa Rica.