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End Time for Mubarak

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A reported 2 million people came out in Cairo to protest against the Egyptian government prompting speculation that Hosni Mubarak has only days, if not hours left of his premiership. Stunning scenes like the one below are sweeping the country, and due to the military's unwillingness to intervene, they do not look set to abate.

Egypt Mubarak

As Ari Rutenberg wrote in his piece on

the Banter


The most amazing thing about them is not their organization, size, or speed. It is the noble and dignified way in which they youth of Egypt have persevered throughout this ordeal. Specifically, it is how they have banded together to protect the neighborhoods, historical buldings, libraries, and museums and have begun to cooperate with and befriend the army, all without guidance, money, or the internet.

Change is coming to Egypt, and amazingly, it isn't through the barrel of a gun.