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Obama Could Use Signing Statements On Gitmo Issue

This is interesting:

The Guantanamo provisions, which include limits on where and how prisoners can be tried, were attached to a spending bill for military pay and benefits approved by Congress late last year. White House aides are recommending that President Obama sign the spending bill and then issue a "signing statement" challenging at least some of the Guantanamo provisions as intrusions on his constitutional authority.

The statement, officials said, would likely be released along with a new executive order that outlined review procedures for some -- but not all -- of the 174 Guantanamo prisoners still held without charge or trial.

Politicians of both parties have been idiotic on the Gitmo issue, making the argument that jails that held terrorists already - like Ramsey Yousef or Timothy McVeigh - turn to swiss cheese when they hold Gitmo detainees. Ridiculous.