Huffington Post Lets Jenny McCarthy Aid In Killing Children With Anti-Vaccination Nonsense

No, you shouldn't take medical advice from Playboy models, or at the very least Playboy models who don't have a medical degree. Here is Jenny McCarthy writing on Huffington Post, pushing back on the findings that Andrew Wakefield's study connecting vaccines and autism are a total fraud.

There is no connection between vaccines and autism. No connection at all. There have been tons of studies on this, in multiple countries. There is no link. All avoiding vaccination does is help to spread disease and death among the most vulnerable - children.

This is what Jenny McCarthy is advocating, and what Huffington Post enables by giving her a platform to spread this dangerous non-science. McCarthy uses the same crap language of the global warming denial movement and the phony intelligent design scam - acting as if there's some "debate" to be had. It's Glenn Beck style "just asking questions," with the added effect of killing children.

All the parties in this - Jenny McCarthy, the anti-vaccination movement, and The Huffington Post - should be ashamed of what they're doing (the same goes for Oprah Winfrey who is set to give McCarthy a larger platform).

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