Cameron and Miliband Tear into Each Other Over Economy


This is a rip roaring back and forth between David Cameron and Ed Miliband over the recent news that Britain's economy experienced negative growth in the last quarter, despite the Conservative government's claims that the country was on the road to recovery:

Cameron is the more media friendly, polished performer when it comes to confrontations like these, but it is becoming increasingly clear that his government's prescriptions for the economy are not working. Cameron is right to blame the previous government's handling of the economy, and his critique is almost correct. But while Cameron pays lip service to the notion that the banking industry created the economic crisis, his government is doing little to curb its hold over the economy. Instead, he is forcing the rest of the country to pay for its mistakes by claiming that the last government spent too much on social services. This is a misnomer, and Cameron is banking on the public buying his explanation in order to ram through the Thatcherite cuts his party has always wanted.

And as we have seen, the results are hurting the poor, slowing recovery and negatively impacting sustained economic growth.