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Tony Blair's Astonishing Hypocrisy on Iran

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Tony Blair was back in the limelight again answering charges at the Chilcot Inquiry that the decision to go to war was made long before 2003. The inquiry, while somewhat interesting, is pretty much pointless. While there is fresh evidence that points to a commitment to war as early as 2001, there are no legal ramifications for Blair or anyone else involved in the process that led to the disastrous invasion of Iraq.

Blair put on a lawerly performance, evading difficult questions and asserting his annoying moral certainty that he thought it the 'right thing to do'. It was tiring to listen to as Blair ran through a shop worn list of counter arguments that exonerated him from doing anything wrong.

Most worryingly, Blair used his time in front of the cameras to build a case for another potential war with Iran. The level of cognitive dissonance and utter hypocrisy he displayed was beyond astonishing, claiming Iran was the major destabilizer in the region, and not the West. He said:

I am out in that region the whole time. I see the impact and influence of Iran everywhere. It is negative, destabilising and it is supportive of terrorist groups. It is doing everything it can to impede progress in the Middle East peace process, and to facilitate a situation in which that region cannot embark on a process of modernisation it so urgently needs.

Having co-sponsored two of the most ill thought out, poorly executed and tragically misjudged wars in history, Blair should think twice about doling out blame for a 'destabilized' Middle East. He has a huge amount of blood on his hands, and the political mayhem that followed his invasions are of his own making.

Yet Blair still cannot comprehend how he might be responsible, a testament to his extraordinary ability to delude himself and lie regardless of the evidence.