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Jon Stewart Skewers Palin For Playing Victim

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It is absolutely fascinating to watch Palin fall apart during a national crisis. The same thing happened to John McCain when the financial catastrophe hit in 2008. While President Obama calmly offered to assist President Bush in any way he could and showed up to Washington to take part in constructive dialogue, McCain offered to suspend his campaign, postpone an upcoming debate with Obama and inject himself into very complex negotiation that he hadn't bothered to properly understand. McCain tried to use a national crisis to help his dying campaign while Obama recognized true leadership meant putting the needs of the country ahead of his own.

Likewise, Palin has turned a national tragedy into another chapter of her never ending soap opera. For her, the murder of a nine year old and the assasination attempt on a congresswoman was an opportunity to play the victim and rally her supporters to fight against the Left who want to 'bring America to its knees'. Obama, on the other hand, gave perhaps the most dignified and emotional speak of his career, and made the tragedy about the victims rather than himself.

The conclusion? Palin is a cartoon reality star, while President Obama is, well, a President.