Conservative Reform of NHS is 'Extraordinarily Risky'


More alarming news of the coalition's continuing desire to dismantle the British welfare state. From the New Statesman:

Medical professionals have warned that the government's proposed reform of the NHS is "extraordinarily risky", ahead of the publication of the flagship bill on Wednesday.

The report, by the NHS Confederation, made up of the British Medical Association, the Faculty of Public Health, and royal colleges representing GPs, hospital doctors and surgeons, accepts the need reform but expresses serious concerns.

Broadly, the criticisms it levels fall into two categories -- the handling of the reform, and its actual content, both of which are cause for concern.

There should be serious cause for concern when the government is unable to explain why the massive cuts and reforms it is imposing are actually needed:

On the first note, the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley is criticised for failing to convince patients or medical professionals of the need for reform - important given that this is the biggest restructuring of the NHS since its inception. "The absence of any compelling story about why the reforms are necessary or how they will translate into improved outcomes is of concern," it says.

This is true to Naomi Klein's 'Shock Doctrine' Theory where free market government's manufacture a crisis in order to ram through ideological reforms. Thankfully the British press seems to be picking up on this theme and are seriously criticizing Cameron for his actions. However, it remains to be seen how much support can be rallied to seriously oppose the continued assault against the state. It will certainly come, but it might unfortunately be too late.