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Quote of the Day: Jenny McCarthy Helps Kill Children

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After the revelation that there is absolutely no link between vaccines and autism, Oliver Willis slams Jenny McCarthy and her pseudo scientific rantings:

This is what Jenny McCarthy is advocating, and what Huffington Post enables by giving her a platform to spread this dangerous non-science. McCarthy uses the same crap language of the global warming denial movement and the phony intelligent design scam – acting as if there’s some “debate” to be had. It’s Glenn Beck style “just asking questions,” with the added effect of killing children.

I don't think there's any malice on McCarthy's part - she clearly cares a lot about the subject and has a highly personal stake in it, but the reality is that she has absolutely no scientific background whatsoever, and should not be heralded by anyone as an expert.

The Huffington Post has shown an alarming tendency to publish unfounded nonsense in its 'health' and 'living' sections and should be very careful about promoting people like McCarthy and validating their views.

I used to subscribe to a lot of unproven healing philosophies, but after watching a close family member get seriously sick, I realized that only cold, hard science and serious pharmaceuticals would help them survive, not vitamin concoctions and homeopathy.