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A Great New Blog!

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One of the advantages of running my own site is that I get to make all the editorial decisions about what goes up on it. While I mostly write about politics in the US and UK, every now and then I link to completely random sites that I think are great.

And in this case, it's my brother's new blog '', a site about London and Chinese culture.

My brother, Joshua Cohen, is a very unique character with eclectic tastes and a great sense of humor. He grew up with me in south London, and has spent many months living in China. He is now a medical student at University College London and is living in Shoreditch (a very interesting and historic part east London). He spends his free time teaching guitar lessons to refugees and doing sketch comedy, and has amazingly found time to blog.

If you want to know what's cool to do in London, where to take Mongolian throat singing lessons, and what is happening in the ever expanding China, check out