Boehner Flashback: Handing Out PAC Checks On The Floor Of The House

In case, in the middle of the media whitewash, you forgot the sort of person incoming speaker John Boehner is:

A member of the House Republican leadership team admitted Friday he distributed a tobacco PAC's campaign checks on the House floor, but said he'll never do it again.

Watchdog groups said the practice is legal but condemned it as outrageous, nonetheless.

GOP Conference Chairman John Boehner, R-Ohio, said he stopped handing out the checks after being questioned about the practice by two freshmen who'd heard about the handoff on the House floor.

``They were appalled by it,'' said Boehner. ``I thought, `Yeah, I can imagine why somebody would be upset. It sure doesn't look good.'

``It's not an excuse, but the floor is the only place you get to see your colleagues,'' he said in a telephone interview from Ohio. ``It was a matter of convenience.

``You make a mistake, admit it and go on. I just feel bad about it.''