Obama Reportedly Considering William Daley For Chief Of Staff, Allied With Corporate Democrats

Well, this is disappointing. Jake Tapper tweets and ABC reports that the White House is reportedly considering William Daley (Bill Daley) to be his new chief of staff.

According to this article, in addition to serving as Commerce Secretary under President Clinton and a chairman of JP Morgan Chase & Co., Daley is part of the board of trustees for Third Way.

As I've written previously about Third Way, they've come out against a foreclosure moratorium in favor of the big banks who are screwing homeowners, favor cutting social security, and in general are part of a concerted effort to push the Democratic Party even further to the right (a course of action Daley himself recommended in an op-ed last month in the Washington Post).

Looking into Daley's political judgement, he was apparently part of the team on Gore's campaign that picked Joe Lieberman for the ticket. According to this article, the suggestion of Lieberman came to Daley from the pro-corporate DLC:

Only last week, Al From, president of the Democratic Leadership Council and an influential voice among moderate Democrats, lobbied both Mr. Gore and his campaign chairman, William M. Daley, on behalf of Mr. Lieberman, who is the chairman of the council.

This is not the sort of background one looks for to help lead a White House into a challenging period on policy or politics.

UPDATE: During Daley's time at JP Morgan, the company championed outsourcing American jobs to India.