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WikiLeaks Supporters Go to Cyber War

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I'm back to posting - thanks for your emails of support, they were very much appreciated.

This is a fascinating interview on the 'Alyona Show' with an anonymous hacker who is a part of 'Operation Payback' and has gone to cyber war against the websites of businesses, banks and politicians that have either spoken out against or stopped doing business with WikiLeaks. In the internet age, anyone with a computer has the power to severely disrupt large institutions. While there are certainly negative aspects of this new decentralized landscape, the scope for radical change is breathtaking. We'll see who wins this cyber war, but regardless of the outcome, it will set a precedent for more action against concentrated power that could have far reaching consequences for big business and government. And in my view, that's a serious victory for democratic action in a world where individuals are virtually helpless against corporate and state interests: