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How WikiLeaks Revelations are Being Distorted

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Noam Chomsky on America and Israel's assertion that the wikileaks cables prove the Arab world hates Iran:

Perhaps the most dramatic revelation, or mention, is the bitter hatred of democracy that is revealed both by the U.S. Government -- Hillary Clinton, others -- and also by the diplomatic service.

To tell the worldÐ well, they're talking to each other -- to pretend to each other that the Arab world regards Iran as the major threat and wants the U.S. to bomb Iran, is extremely revealing, when they know that approximately 80% of Arab opinion regards the U.S. and Israel as the major threat, 10% regard Iran as the major threat, and a majority, 57%, think the region would be better off with Iranian nuclear weapons as a kind of deterrent. That is does not even enter. All that enters is what they claim has been said by Arab dictators Ð brutal Arab dictators. That is what counts.

Claiming that the Arab world believes Iran is a major threat would be like saying Americans believe the banking bailouts were fair. While the government thought it was the right thing to do, the majority of the population did not. Governments do not always reflect the view of their people, particularly stooge governments in the Middle East propped up by American dollars and military support.