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Astonishing Evidence That Humans Can 'Feel' Future

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This is a must read piece from 'Wired' on what is referred to in scientific circles as 'psi': The 'anomalous processes of information or energy transfer' - or in normal speak, the ability to predict the future.

Apparently, human ability to predict the future has been known for some time, but now a scientist named Daryl Bem of Cornell University has created a standardized test that can be used by other investigators:

The real contribution of this paper isn’t even these statistically significant results. Instead, it’s Bem’s attempt to create rigorous, well-controlled tests of psi that can be replicated by independent investigators. Because here is the dirty secret of anomalous phenomena like telepathy and clairvoyance: They’ve been demonstrated dozens of times, often by reputable scientists. (Bem is an extremely well-respected psychologist, best known for his work on self-perception.) Why, then, do serious scientists dismiss the possibility of psi? Why do rational people assume that parapsychology is bullshit? Because these exciting results have consistently failed the test of replication.

Bem's contribution to the understanding of 'psi' could revolutionize the way we understand human intuition. Because if the tests hold up over time, it proves we still haven't grasped the enormous complexity and potential of the human brain. And the ability to predict the future is no small thing.