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Let's Leave Willow Palin Alone

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Willow Palin's incredibly offensive diatribe on facebook where she used a slew of homophobic slurs against some commenters was just that - incredibly offensive. But let's remember, she's a 16 year old girl from a town the size of a parking lot where that type language is probably pretty common. I'm not excusing anything she is saying, but I think the media outlets and blogs that have jumped on her should be ashamed of themselves.

Willow Palin is probably like most teenagers around the world, selfish, annoying and immature. She may or may not be a homophobic/racist/xenophobe, but at 16, it simply isn't any of the country's business. Children are not fair game in the world of political assassination and the media needs to back off quick time.

I'm also going to venture as far as saying that it isn't Sarah Palin's fault either. 16 year olds routinely use offensive language when talking to eachother and are probably not aware of exactly what they are saying. I recently watched at a video tape of myself aged 16 interacting with some of my friends, and needless to say, I was horrified by the language I was using (and I'm no saint now). I was, in blunt terms, a bit of a dick. Did I deserve to be blasted and lampooned by the national media? No. And neither does Willow.