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A reader left the following comment on a Guardian article outlining Ian Duncan Smith's savage welfare reforms in the UK that consist of kicking people off for up to three years:

Right, that's the unemployed sorted with just a bit of venom.

Now for the tax evaders who cost the country £40 billion a year.

Oh, hang on, they're Tories aren't they? Best go easy on them then eh, or they might leave the country to join their money................

The sickening thing about 'welfare reform' is that it never seems to apply to the rich. The Tory government could have given the same type of treatment to the banks - ie. if you take government money, you don't give out bonuses and we regulate you from top to bottom, and if not, no money.

Instead, it was a blank check and a handshake.

The poor are now subject to harsh market discipline in order to balance the budget, bearing the brunt of the crimes of the rich and powerful. Apparently, this is 'compassionate conservatism'.