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Republican Economic Agenda Could Destroy a Generation

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The Real News analyzes the Democrat's humiliating loss at the midterm election with the incredibly insightful Rob Johnson from the Roosevelt Institute, and discuss where the country is now headed:

Johnson's point is an important one. If Obama is unable to make some real changes in how his government deals with Wall St and corporate America, his Presidency will continue to flag. While the voters came out agains the Democrats it doesn't mean they came out for the Republicans - much in the same way Bush lost the midterms in 2006. Voters where extremely frustrated with the Republicans yet were completely let down by the Democrats when they controlled the other branches of government as they failed to confront Bush on any meaningful issues.

The problem now is that the Republicans will extert power now they control the House. With the Republican's controlling congress Obama is unlikely to be able to pass any meaningful reform and he won't be able to spend more money to build the economy and create jobs. It's hard to see a way out for him here and I fear his Presidency is now irreversibly damaged.

Having said that, he is an enormously skilled politician and should never be underestimated. He has shown an ability to win regardless of the circumstance, and given the challenge is now that much harder, we'll probably see him double his efforts to batter back the Republican's inevitable assaults.

While it's too early to lose hope, the new political landscape doesn't exactly inspire confidence. So we'll see whether Obama can rise to the challenge once more and fight to save another generation in danger of having their futures destroyed by the eternally idiotic Republican party.