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Go and Vote NOW

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I'm not particularly happy with the performance of the Democrats - their inability to work together, confront Republicans and challenge corporate interests has made change under Obama painfully slow and immensely difficult. They've royally screwed up a historical opportunity to keep Republicans out of government for a generation and have allowed the party that almost destroyed the country dictate the terms of debate over and over again.

However, the Democrats have managed to make the country quantifiably and noticeably better. They have passed a healthcare bill that while deeply flawed, brings affordable coverage to millions of children and stops insurance companies denying sick people coverage. They have extended Medicaid to the poor, closed Guantanamo Bay, stopped torture as a method of interrogation, helped protect consumers with a decent credit card bill, passed the biggest tax cut for the middle classes in history (yes Tea Partiers, you probably got a tax cut under Obama), pumped billions into Veteran's health care, and have cut out greedy loan companies from ripping off students with government money by lending directly.

Those achievements have helped those least able to help themselves, and that was why Americans elected Democrats to control all branches of government in the first place. They were sick of the greedy, selfish philosophy of the Republican party that favored the rich and disenfranchised the poor, that utilized war as a force of economic and social change, that neglected and abused the environment and brough the country to the brink of economic collapse.

So please, if you are eligible to vote, make sure the country does not have to relive the dark years of the Bush Administration. Do not forget how shameful and painful they were and reward Republicans for the mistakes of the Democrats, who despite their flaws are far and away still the best option America has.

As Bob Cesca succinctly puts it:

If the Republicans take the House, the only things that will get done inthe next two years will be investigations and a shut-down of thegovernment. That's the next two years of congressional governing.

So go out and Vote. Now.