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Bill Maher the Bigot

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Apparently, 'Muhammed' is the most popular name for baby boys in Britain - a fact that Bill Maher thinks spells doom for the nation:

Generally speaking, I love Bill Maher, but his Jihadist crusade against religion is boring and offensive beyond belief. I have several friends named Muhammed, all of whom are lovely people and good citizens. Some are religious and some are not, and I'd have no problem if every male in Britain was called Muhammed (Arabic for 'Praised One'). In fact, I wouldn't care if everyone were Muslim (although I'm generally a fan of multi religious/ethnic socities), and I really can't stand Maher's bigotted attitude towards anyone of faith.

As Andrew Sullivan points out:

Maher made a stupid, and bigoted generalization about English babies being called Mohammed leading to some inevitable future of Sharia law - an unproven fantasy nicely smacked down by Reihan. The obvious logical problem: why wouldn't second or third generation British Mohammeds turn out as atheists? Or stoners? Or agnostics like the rest of them?

I'm not religious myself and certainly see the dangers in fundamentalism, but that goes for ALL fundamentalism, whether it be religious, political or anything else. Bill Maher has staked out such a militant position against religion that he is in danger of becoming a fundamentalist himself.