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Obama on The Daily Show: Proof He's Still a Progressive

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Obama's visit to The Daily Show was a reminder to progressives that the President is essentially on their side. Jon Stewart has the ability to question politicians like no other as they know he sees through the rhetoric and bullshit. They are forced to give candid answers to avoid embarassing themselves infront of Stewart's razor sharp audience, and Obama was hyper aware that his answers had to be genuine.

Under some pretty penetrating questioning, Obama did his best to defend his administration's achievements over the past two years and made some compelling arguments as to why the Democrats still deserve to remain in government. Stewart pressed him on the hiring of Larry Summers to see America through the financial crisis (Summers being a primary architect of the economic collapse) and the tepid health care reforms that still allow insurance companies to jack up rates while posting record profits. The major theme of Obama's defense was that while progress has been slow and painful, the country is heading in the right direction, and his administration is laying a foundation for further change down the road.

It wasn't everything progressives wanted to hear, but it was a forceful reminder that at heart, Obama is still on their side and is fighting for change however hard it might be.

Watch the videos of the interview here.