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Tucker Carlson, Gigantic Douchebag

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According to pompous nitwit Tucker Carlson, poor people shouldn't eat out of dumpsters because it is 'undignified'. In this news segment on Fox, the failed ex MSNBC personality berates middle class students for the 'Freegan' movement (Freegans go through dumpsters looking for edible food thrown out by super markets to make a political point about consumerism and waste) then says that real poor people suffer from obesity, not starvation, and should be ashamed of themselves if they have to get food from a dumpster. There's something indescribably painful watching a spoiled preppy douchebag like Carlson pontificate on what poor people should and shouldn't be doing, and I'm eternally grateful MSNBC took his horrific show off the air where he had a platform to spout this kind of nonsense on a daily basis. Watch below: