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The Delusional George Bush

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The revelation that George Bush believed not privatizing social security was his greatest failure as President is a sign of just how far removed the man still is from reality.

Two disastrous wars, the devastation to America's infrastructure, ballooning debt and a collapsing economy were the hall marks of Bush's presidency. Had he got his hands on social security and left senior's pensions to the fate of the stock market, there probably would have been a full scale revolution in America.

Instead of regretting his failure to enact the privatization of social security, Bush should be thanking the Democrats and senior citizens who stopped him.

The militant free market ideology that destroyed the economy still lives in Right wing circles despite its highly visible failure. The fact that George Bush still subscribes to it proves that he had no business being President of the United States. After all, great leaders adapt to circumstance, not the other way around.