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O'Reilly: Worst Person

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Keith Olbermann slams O'Reilly for being just another 'Fox News bigot and Islamaphobe' for his dispicable comments that 'Muslims killed us on 9/11':

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This ridiculous notion that an entire religion is guilty because 19 lunatics used it as a pretext to kill thousands of people seems to be the premise of most Right wing pundits argument against the WTC Mosque (and Islam in general). It would be like condemning the whole of Christianity because of the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Yes, some people use religion to do heinous things, but it doesn't mean the religion is inherently bad. Bill O'Reilly is smart enough to understand this, but he's too concerned with keeping his viewers and bosses at Fox happy to care about things like honesty and accuracy. It's a shame because as Jon Stewart has pointed out, O'Reilly is the only Fox News personality left (other than Shep Smith) committed to some sort of independent thought. But at the end of the day, he's just another angry white man dedicated to enforcing hate and prejudice instead of thoughtfulness and tolerance, all for money, and all for the GOP.