The Brilliant Matt Osborne


This is a must watch report by Banter Media member and star blogger Matt Osborne on the Appalachia rising - a movement to stop the destructive practices of Massey Energy and other coal companies in the Appalachian region. Writes Matt:

Appalachia Rising defied stereotype: these patient, brave, wonderful, eclectic Americans live in the so-called "flyover states." They are the ordinary folk that movement conservatives pretend to be, but are not. They are the grassroots that tea parties were funded to imitate. But no matter how hard the right tries, it cannot steal this act because it is not an act. MTR is real and their complaints genuine. Perhaps more tellingly, their creativity is compelling, and their courage is yet unmatched in the annals of teabaggery. Those who were there saw me in a Red Sox hat; if anyone can find video of a mass act of civil disobedience by tea party activists, I'll eat it.

The report is here: