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Americans Want Swedish Style Socialism

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In this chart from authors Michael Norton and Dan Ariely you can see what wealth distribution in America is and what people believe it should be. According to their research, Americans believe wealth distribution should be along the lines of a social democracy like Sweden.

The top line in the chart is the actual U.S.wealth distribution, the second is what Americans think the wealth distribution is and the bottom is what Americans think it should be (h/t baselinescenario):

Screen shot 2010-09-28 at 1.22.48 PM

It's always interesting to note that Americans are consistently polled as being much further to the left than the political classes on most major issues (health care, the environment, foreign policy etc), yet are routinely portrayed by the media as being inherently conservative.

The chart above confirms that: 1. Wealth inequality in America is far to large, 2. The public are mostly unaware of just how bad it is, and 3. They would prefer a much more egalitarian society.

Sounds pretty liberal to me.