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Ed Miliband's Victory a Win for Social Democracy

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Ed Miliband's stunning come from behind win over his older brother for the Labour Party leadership was a victory for the Social Democratic movement in the UK, and a lifeline to working people in Britain.

The Conservative/Lib Dem coalition is in the process of doing huge damage to the social fabric of Britain by stripping the welfare state and enacting vicious cuts accross the board. As it stood, there was no real opposition to the conservative economic model adopted by the Tories and New Labour. The Lib Dem's dreams of reigning in the Tory's neo liberal reforms have been crushed by a relentless David Cameron, and the party progressives thought might be able to do some good has been rendered completely useless.

If Labour had chosen David Miliband, the public would have had little to choose from. A Blairite at heart, the elder Miliband was more concerned with the centre than the tradition support base for Labour. Electing a pro business deficit hawk would have meant three parties representing corporate Britain, and none for working Britain.

With Ed Miliband, the public now has an option. They can choose to elect a party that represents the interests of the middle classes and the working poor, and they can choose a party that believes Britain's fiscal health should not be reliant on greedy bankers.

Ed Miliband is not the answer to all of Britain's problems, but his more people centred politics is a start. And Britain hasn't had that in a long time.