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Gays Losing Out on Obama's Watch

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This is a must read post from Andrew Sullivan on Obama's atrocious record on gay rights thus far:

The number of hate crimes prosecutions under the new law, now a year old: zero. I checked with the FBI this week. There are many other "investigations" pending but they understandably cannot give details until the facts are resolved. But I repeat: the Human Rights Campaign's Number One item - the thing they postponed DADT repeal for - has resulted in no actual prosecutions in the year since it was passed.

Meanwhile, gay servicemembers are still being routinely fired by president Obama, and still live under the threat of persecution merely for not lying. And do you not think that a government that itself allows harassment and threats against gay people has no moral standing to prosecute private citizens for doing the same thing? If Obama opposes persecuting gay people for being gay, he should start with himself as commander in chief. He has discriminated against more gay people in the last year than any single private individual or company in the land.

I've had a creeping suspicion that Obama has little to no interest in furthering gay rights, mostly because of his cowardly stance on gay marriage. Despite his opposition to prop 8, Obama believes that marriage is between 'a man and a woman' and that gay marriage is a state issue (code for 'I'm not putting my neck on the line for it'). It's a real shame that a man with such political talents and seeming decency cannot find it within himself to stand up for a badly abused minority that has been used as a wedge issue for far, far too long.

Obama's gay supporters will not forgive him if he does not swiftly move to end DADT, but will never leave him because the alternative is even worse. So Obama continues to take their support yet ignores their basic civil rights.

I expected more from him.