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CNN's Refusal to Show War Crime Footage a Symptom of Corporate Corruption

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Michael Ware's revelation that his former employer CNN refused to air the footage of an Iraqi teenager being executed by US Marines in 2007 betrays what must by now be common knowledge about the corporate media: That it has no interest in delivering real news.

Although Michael Ware has been relentlessly critical of the US led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, his network helped the Bush Administration sell the wars to the public in the first place. That they would also refuse to air overt war crimes committed by US soldiers is symptomatic of the industries refusal to take real journalistic risks in the face of political and financial pressure.

The decision not to air the war crimes committed by US troops has nothing to do with the 'graphic' nature of the footage, as a CNN representative has claimed. The decision was of course made in order to avoid a giant political fallout with the government and a potential exodus of advertisers. They refused to air the footage for the same reasons they chose to whole heartedly support the invasion - because it was the easiest thing to do.

Real journalism is hard. Real journalism is uncomfortable, and real journalism tells the truth.

CNN, Fox and MSNBC are motivated by profit and only deliver what people want to see.

And they don't want to see US troops murdering Iraqi civilians.