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Fringe is Taking Over the Republican Party

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America's extreme economic circumstances are breeding extreme political circumstances. From the Huff Post:

Tuesday's congressional primaries provided an astonishing and symbolic coda to a primary season filled with turmoil, infighting and candidates unique in their politics and policies. But rather than providing firm answers for the general election ahead, the win by conservative candidate Christine O'Donnell in Delaware and the very real possibility of Attorney Ovide Lamontagne's victory in New Hampshire raises some difficult questions about the Republican Party's present and future.

With the primaries almost over, eight establishment-backed Republican candidates have succumbed to challenges from conservatives.

In terms of electoral strategy in 2012, this is probably a disaster for the Republicans. They continue to be dominated by a brand of conservatism that bears no relation to reality, and there are enough discerning voters who will go to the ballot just to keep them out.

But the greater power fringe movements like the Tea Party have in the national dialogue the harder it will be to keep debate rational. This means we have years of Islamaphobic slurs, questions about the President's nationality/religious beliefs, and insane economic ideas to look forward to listening to.

The cause is no doubt the giant insecurity America's unstable economic model brings to the majority of the population. There is rising unemployment, little career continuity and a gigantic amount of debt - a toxic combination that has got the sane population fearful for its existence, and the Fox news audience screaming mad and ready to go to war.

So while the Democrats will be mighty pleased with the Tea Party's uprising, the rest of us should be very, very worried.